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We believe in co-creating desirable futures where ideas and innovation drive a regenerative economy that benefits people and the planet.
Our goal is to create the most impactful network of Chief Sustainability Officers dedicated to transforming businesses to serve people, planet and profit.
We specifically speak of multiple futures
— because we believe in a systemic approach that addresses the futures of all fields and sectors — the future of education, of work, of technology,  mobility, medicine, agriculture, et al.
Over the past 7+ years, Futur/io has grown a network of impact-driven corporate leaders and influential voices, innovators, futurists and experts in the sustainability sphere.

Together, we are working towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and co-creating the new business paradigm that benefits people, planet and profit.
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It is our responsibility to steer it towards resilient, regenerative, desirable futures.


We are a team of committed change-makers who believe that business can and must lead a regenerative economy that benefits people and planet.

We come from various corners of the world and are based across Europe and beyond.

Harald Neidhardt

CEO & Curator
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Harald Neidhardt is the CEO and Curator of the Futur/io Institute, where he has grown an influential faculty and think tank of innovators, futurists and thought leaders working towards desirable, regenerative futures. Harald has a background in digital media and advertising working with renowned corporations such as MoMa (New York), Procter & Gamble, Hugo Boss, Lufthansa, EMI, BMW or Chanel. In the past decade he has cultivated a thorough understanding of the pressing challenges associated with climate change and environmental degradation, and committed his career to fostering new paradigms and encouraging a global commitment towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Harald is a three-time TEDx speaker and presented on stage like COP26, SXSW, Mobile World Congress, Wired and Singularity University.

Harald is an advisor for the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC) and their long term Resilience Frontiers Initiative and a member of the Digital Economy workgroup for the WEF World Economic Forum. He published four books, including “Moonshots for Europe” and “Before this Decade is Out”.

Luciana Prestes

Head of Marketing

Stephan Oehl


Kateryna Nepochatova

Lead Designer and Developer

Viktor Hlukh

Research & Curation Manager

Barbara Axt

Head of Editorial & Media

Gabriela Müller

Communications Manager

Cristian-Alexandru Ioan

Video Producer

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